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Don't just listen to your parents. Gone are the days when videographers simply set up a camera in the back of the ceremony. While that's still a smart thing to do, it's only a small part (about "5%") of what we do now. The entire craft has become modernized, allowing you to watch your entire day in motion. You can relive thoughts and feelings while also seeing a third-person view of you and your forever partner. I'm just saying, you'd be remiss not to delve into the concept before deciding it isn't for you! I'll explain more, so hit the next page.

Audio, Reactions, Movement & Details. 

Booking any vendor can be challenging, but I hope that reading through this can at least ease your mind about choosing your videographer. That's right, I'm not here to convince you to book me, but it's important to find the person who best fits your style.

Videography, cinematography, storytelling - these are all just different names for what my business is. The one thing I am not, however, is a photographer. Photography operates on a whole different wavelength than video. That's why it's crucial to have both on your wedding day. Although we still capture artsy and candid moments, there's more to it that tells a story:

~What is Videography?~

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Finding your style is like finding your favorite place to eat.  Say you like burgers, there might be plenty of burger places but they all cook it differently and provide different types of beef, seasonings, and buns. Well, that concept is not much different when it comes to videography. How about cameras, colors, editing style, and don't forget most the important role...personality!

Style can vary greatly based on your videographer's personality and how well they connect with you as a client. Having a strong connection is never a requirement, but sometimes it can breathe life into creativity and style when both of you are in sync. Don't be afraid to open up! While it's important for us vendors to maintain professional conduct, we also enjoy connecting with you on a more personal level. After all, we're human too! A videographer's personality will significantly impact the music style and how they interact on your big day because a videographer with a grungy and introverted personality is only going to go so far to capture your day. Remember, sometimes a cheap videographer with a good camera and a bad attitude will only deliver mediocre results.

If you're feeling a bit lost when it comes to the idea of booking a videographer, here are a few things to consider: Examine how they structure their videos—whether you prefer a chronological order of your day or a mix of moments with spontaneity. Pay attention to how they capture candid moments! After watching one of their films, did you truly feel like you relived the couple's day? Also, consider what colors are most pleasing to your eye—whether you prefer bright, natural, or dark colors.

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~Find your style~

Step 1

When finding a videographer audio is important! This goes deeper than their music style. When crafting a video, music is an art of its own. When watching an 8 minute highlight film you don't want to listen to the same song over and over for all 8 minutes. Music creates depth! Make sure you check out the portfolio of whoever you are deciding on and listen to the audio,  

Moving beyond just music, inquire with your videographer about how they incorporate audio elements such as the first look, ceremony, letter readings, and speeches. Again, audio from these moments can make you feel like you were there, adding depth to the story and giving you a compelling reason to watch. While videography requires skill and a discerning eye, all that effort can be undermined if the audio quality is poor. Ensuring that your videographer has the right gear for different situations is crucial. Make sure they are well-prepared for your big day! Even if you don't fully understand audio equipment, if they can confidently explain their gear, that's a good sign. However, if they say something like, "Well, my on-camera audio is great," you should be cautious. They should use external microphones for the officiant, groom, and sometimes the bride. The same goes for the DJ during speeches, and of course, don't forget to ask if they have backup equipment! If they can't provide clear answers or appear flustered, it may indicate that they lack a proper system.

Now, suppose your videographer does include audio from the day. It's time to set realistic expectations. Every day is unique, and every couple is different. You might be a fantastic reader with an outgoing and outspoken personality, but that doesn't apply to everyone. So, it's a good idea to revisit your style, explore your options, and ask your videographer if they can provide examples of weddings with a lot of audio and those with minimal audio.

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don't just watch.

~Does audio mean something to you?~

Step 2

You've made it this far – thank you for reading! Here's a concise summary of everything:

1. Vibe Compatibility: Start by finding a videographer you connect with personally.
2. Portfolio Check: Examine their portfolio for colors, music style, editing style, and desired film length. Look for consistency.
4. List Your Priorities: Identify the top 5 moments you want captured on your day.
5. Film Evaluation: Watch their films to see how well they capture those specific moments.

Remember, treat every vendor with the same level of attention you'd give to choosing a restaurant. Just as bad food can ruin an entire experience, a poor videographer can impact your entire day. Videographers and photographers are your companions on your wedding day, there to serve you, make you feel comfortable, and ensure everything runs smoothly. They play a crucial role in preserving your special day. Don't cut corners when selecting the people who will be with you throughout the entire day – you'll thank yourself later! Now, take these tips and put them to good use! :)

~Let's wrap this up~

Step 4


Time flies, and I always encourage couples to inquire about the next step to secure their date. Please note that dates are not reserved without confirmation. Act swiftly to ensure your preferred date is secured.

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