It is not every day that you just pick up a video camera and say, "I am going to become a wedding videographer." And believe me, I wasn't always sure that I would reach that goal. I didn't even know how weddings worked for the majority of my life, but I knew that I loved creating short films. However, I didn't dive deep into the idea of wedding films until I met Laura.

Laura sparked a passion in me I didn't even know I had. Once we started dating, she found out I loved cameras and a good party (and talking to anyone and everyone). She put these characteristics together and introduced me to the idea of wedding videography since she was already in the industry. As you can see, the rest is history. We get to do what love together, while giving couples an amazing experience and creating films they can watch for the rest of their lives. 

For me, every wedding day is a chance to pursue my passion (and get on the dance floor). I thrive showing up to each wedding day with a new environment and new challenges to push my creativity to the next level! 

Videographer & American Flag AFICIONADO

I'm Alan Bruce

Jacqueline and Laura

You may be thinking...wait, there's two of them? You're not just seeing things! Laura has an identical twin, Jacqueline and the three of us have become inseparable. We love working together to provide our couples with a fantastic photo + video experience. Having each others back on wedding day not only makes the flow smoother but it also creates less stress for our clients as well! We are pretty lovable if I do say so myself, haha! Click to learn more about them!

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Every thing is better together

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I have a select assortment of team members who assist me at each wedding. Due to everyone's varying schedules, I can't always guarantee the same person at every event. However, what I can promise is that each individual is incredibly sweet and professional, having received training under my guidance. Yes, that also means they probably share some of my craziness, haha! Rest assured, we work cohesively to deliver the best experience and ensure your special day is captured flawlessly.

As a team, we aim to infuse your wedding day with enthusiasm. Our goal is to contribute to your excitement while allowing you plenty of personal space to be yourselves. We love incorporating moments of memorable fun, but we won't interfere with the day unless necessary or when we have a brilliant vision for a shot that we know you'd love! Otherwise, we'll ensure the wedding day flows smoothly, and we'll be there to capture every precious moment along the way.

The Team

My all time favorite hobby is snowboarding. It gives me something to look forward to in the winter months and every time I go back I feel like I can always challenge myself to do new things. Plus it does make for perfect date with my wife!


There is always that one place you HAVE to stop at if you are hungry. For me, that place so happens to be Zaxby's. I don't know if it is because that is the only option in my town or if its because I am truly in love Zaxby's (probably the latter). It never gets old!

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My claim to fame is that I am a car enthusiast. Not exactly what you were thinking of, right? I once owned 7 different cars all within two years!

something crazy about me

My obsession with American flags has turned into quite a collection. You can spot me with American flags on my clothing or a flag stuck in the pocket of my bag for fun. 

random obsession

I am a huge fan of small, coastal islands, specifically Anna Maria Island. I wish I could pack my bags and move there! Local restaurants...everyone on their golf carts...Nothing is more enjoyable than relaxing and looking out over the clear emerald water. 

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Zaxbys, jeeps, and snowboarding

Alan Bruce

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