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Booking any vendor can be challenging but I hope reading through this I can at-least put some ease to your mind about who your videographer should be. That is right I am not here to convince you to just book myself but it is important to find who fits your style best.

Videography, cinematography, story teller, it is all just different names for what my business is. The one thing I am not though is a photographer. Photography is on a whole different wave length than video. That is why it is important to have both on your wedding day. Though we still chase the artsy poses and candid moments there is more to it that makes a story.

 1. Audio 2. Reactions 3. Movement. 4. Details. ETC. Don't listen to your parents. Gone are the days that we videographers just setup a camera  in the back of the ceremony. Though that is still a smart thing to do it is only 5% of what we do now. The whole craft has become modernized. Watching your whole day in motion. Reliving thoughts and feelings while also seeing a third person view of you and your forever partner. I am just saying. You are crazy to not look into it in depth before you decide it isn't for you!  I'll explain more. Hit next page. 

~What is Videography?~

INtroduction : Last Updated June 2022

Finding your style is like finding your favorite place to eat.  Say you like burgers. There might be plenty of burger places but they all cook it differently. Well that concept is not much different when it comes to videography. 

If you are kind of lost on the whole idea of booking a videographer. Here are few things to look for. Look for how they structure their videos. If you like chronological order of your day. If you want it to be mixed moments with spontaneity. Look for what colors please your eye the most, you may want bright, natural, or dark colors. 

Style can also vary greatly on your videographers personality and how they connect with you as a client. Having a strong connection is never required but sometimes it does make creativity and style come to life when both of you are vibing well.  Don't be afraid to open up! Though its important for us vendors to have professional mannerisms we also love connecting with you as a client on a friendship level too. We are human too! 

~Find your style~

Step 1

When finding a videographer audio is important! This goes deeper than their music style. When crafting a video music is an art of its own. When watching an 8 minute highlight film you don't want to listen to the same song over and over for all 8 minutes. Music creates depth! Make sure you check out the portfolio of whoever you are deciding on and listen to the audio don't just watch. 

Looking beyond music. Ask your videographer if they tie in the first look audio, ceremony, letter readings, and speeches. Again audio from these moments make you feel like you were there. It creates depth. Helps with story. While videoing takes skill and a careful eye all the work can be crushed if the audio is bad.  Having the right gear for the right situations is important. Make sure your videographer is prepared for your day! 

Lets say your videographer does include audio from the day. Now it is time to set expectations. Everyday is different and every couple is different. You can be a fantastic reader with outgoing and outspoken personality but that isn't everyone. So it is good to go back and view your style, view your options, and ask your videographer if he can provide examples of days with lots of audio and days with little. 

~Does audio mean something to you?~

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Dates move quickly and I always encourage couples to ask what the next step is to save your date. Dates are not held with an inquiry.

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